Weekly Membership: NEW Summer 2019 Classes!

Art Career Intensive. 10 weeks, May 27th–August 14th
Theory and Writing Workshop. 5 weeks, May 20th–June 17th

We are still accepting rolling applications now but apply soon! We are accepting rolling applcations past the deadline this summer. If applying now that it's past the May 12th deadline please email us that you have applied in additon to sending your application! Applicants may join even after classes have started.

Art Career Intensive

Led by Hilary Doyle, Founder of NYC Crit Club. Select classes led by Claudia Bitran and other guest critics.

May 27th–August 15th
Classes are held weekly for 10 weeks, on Mondays or Wednesdays 7–9 pm. See pricing below.
Location: Art galleries and member studios.

Art Career Intensive is the perfect course for artists who want to realize their professional goals. Using each artist’s artwork and goals as the starting point, artists receive feedback on application materials, websites, speaking, and writing about their work. Each artist focuses on their own larger aspirations such as gaining acceptance to residencies, MFA programs, open calls, grants, show or curatorial proposals, and/or improving their artwork. Everyone receives support and feedback from whole group in weekly critiques with each artist presenting professional work samples every two weeks. Guest speakers will join select classes and workshops for insider advice and feedback. Classes will be held at various studios and gallery spaces across New York City.

Attendance every week is required, but 2–3 classes can be made up by attending summer field trips. If you must miss more classes than this, you can also join as a drop-in member. See below for details.

Space is limited and only accepted artists and alum who apply can join the class.

Theory & Writing Workshop

Led by Catherine Haggarty

May 20th–June 19th
Classes are held weekly for 5 weeks, on Mondays or Wednesdays, 7–9 pm. See pricing below.
Location: Catherine’s Studio, 232 Third St, Gowanus, Brooklyn

Theory & Writing Workshop focuses on strengthening artists’ dialogue and writing abilities through weekly readings, short videos, group conversations, and writing prompts. Artists can choose to participate either Monday or Wednesday day based on their schedule.

Participating artists will dive into modern and contemporary artists’ work, personal history, and their influence on art making today. In addition, weekly art theory readings will contextualize our conversations and writing prompts given. Class members are asked to review two shows in New York City and share with the class for critique and feedback. Weekly writing prompts and group work will steer the conversation for artists to improve and strengthen their writing and understanding about art today.

Space is limited and only accepted artists and alum who apply can join the class.

Affordable Pricing for Artists

  • Weekly Membership: $25* per class via our online calendar to reserve your slot each week (plus application fee)

  • Drop-ins: (local or out of state) $25 per class (plus application fee)

  • Independent Studies: $150 (plus application fee) per visit and two email exchanges

  • Artist talks $25

  • Guest critic classes (1- 2 classes per semester) $35

  • Application costs apply also!

Post Bac’s and MFA’s and residencies can cost thousands of dollars— $9,678 for one year of a Post Bac— To join for one class with us is just $250 total for one 10 weeks of class. We allow artists to pay weekly and just for classes attended to keep prices low for artists. We want our classes to be available to everyone accepted!*

*For anyone who absolutely cannot afford to attend weekly classes, we also consider reduced pricing work study for accepted artists based on need. If needed, please explain in the feedback section of your application and email us: nyc.critclub@gmail.com.  

All classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Other Class Offerings

Fall Enrollment open soon!

This fall NYC Crit Club will be running weekly critique classes where 4 artists and a host present work in different studios and creative spaces across New York City each week. Artists present while the whole class discuss what the work means, says and does. Artists meet each week and get feedback on work, collaborate, and build community.

What’s New this fall:

New Critique Method! Truth and Dare Critiques

New Assignments (optional as always!)

New Collaborations

New members, Guest Critics and Artist talks


Drop in’s should apply for the class they plan to drop in to listed above. Drop-in’s are added to a weekly schedule for either or both classes above and they can drop in anytime to join the discussion whenever they can make it. Drop in’s can not present work for midterm and final guest critics or in the final shows but may attend any classes in their rotations and field trips as well. Attending more than just your own critiques when drop in’s can is still strongly encouraged. Drop in’s must attend the first week of class.

*To apply and/or register to drop in please use our application on the website for the class you choose to drop in to and pay to register so we can have you join if accepted and registered for the class. 

Independent Studies

See our Independent Studies page for details.

Field Trips and Other Workshops

Field trips and other small class workshops are available to artists in one or more of our other classes each semester on select dates (usually Saturdays or Sundays). If you would like to join the list for these classes only you can choose this option in the Art Career intensive form. For example, we have an MFA Q&A Workshop May 11th at 2:30 pm with Columbia MFA Candidate Susan MB Chen. Please contact us if you would like to apply in time to potentially join for this!

More questions? See our FAQ page!

Photo credit above: Anita Trombetta’s studio and paintings. Splash page photo is Joan Reutershan’s studio.

“ NYC Crit Club is an incredible resource for artists in NYC. Everyone involved, from group leaders to members, are dedicated and intelligent artists. NYCC provides a range of opportunities for artists, from crit sessions to artists talks and studio visits and much more, where you can engage with other artists and your work on a deeper level. Hilary and Catherine are dynamic and generous and are continuously growing the program to suit the needs of members, you can draw from many aspects available to find what works for you.”
— NYC Crit Club Member, Summer 2018