NYC Crit Club hosts weekly and monthly grad-school-style group critique classes (see below) every semester and independent studies for emerging artists.

Fall 2019 applications are still open for Weekly Group Critiques and Art Career Monthly.

Now that the Aug 25th deadline has passed, applications are still accepted on a rolling basis. Apply today while slots are still availble!

Applications for Spring 2020 will open in January 2020.

Weekly Group Critiques

NYC Crit Club’s Weekly Group Critique classes provide artists with meaningful feedback on a their work and help build community in the art world. Weekly Group Critiques aim to support and strengthen the work of every artist in the group. Artists take turns hosting and sharing their work for critiques in their studios. Members present on a rotation to the group and via text collaborations.  At the middle and end of the semester, a guest critic who is an artist, curator, gallerist and/or college critic joins the class to help give feedback!

  • Build a community of supportive artists. 

  • Receive 15-20 minute long critiques with feedback from the whole group every few weeks.

  • Participate in weekly critiques. New Critique Method! Truth and/or Dare Crits! 

  • Text Tuesdays -- Join a collaborative text exchange about your weekly art goals and art photos between members for additional feedback.

  • Get final and midterm critiques with a special Guest Critic and join a DIY pop up group show in a studio for the final class.*

First Classes: September 16th, 17th, 18th
Last Classes: Last Classes: December 9th, 10th, and 11th.

Classes are all held once a week, 7-9 pm Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Classes start the week of September 16th, 17th, 18th and run through December 9th, 10th, and 11th. Example: if accepted into a Tuesday class, your group will meet weekly from Sept 17th- December 10th. There is one break week in the middle of classes and optional Field trips on select weekends.

*Attendance Policy:
Weekly class attendance and payment this fall is mandatory for all classes in order to present with guest critics in the middle and DIY show at the end of the semester. One or 2 missed classes can be made up by attending field trips or other classes. Classes are non refundable and non transferable. Field Trips: which include artist talks will be held on weekends once or twice a month are optional or used as make up classes.

Critiques are held at different artist’s studios as well as at galleries and art spaces around the city. No studio needed to participate! Artists present work at other artists studios in groups each week. Around 40-50% of artists in NYC Crit Club have studios. 

Hilary Doyle, Catherine Haggarty, Claudia Bitran, and Padma Rajendran will individually lead classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays so 3-5 separate classes running every week sometimes 2 on the same day. Halfway through the semester leaders will swap over so everyone can work with more than one leader each semester. See our Bio page for more info!

Drop in’s not permitted however we a have new monthly class for those who cannot attend weekly now offered below!

We are still accepting rolling admissions as space may open up in our Fall courses.
$35 Application Fee

Affordable Pricing for Artists

  • Weekly Membership: $25* per class per week

  • Artist talks $25 (depending)

  • Guest critic classes (1- 2 classes per semester) $35

  • Monthly Classes: 3 hours long (see below) $50 a class - $200 require paid in full per artist prior to class (space limited)

  • Independent studies —See our ISP page here for options—-> independent studies

  • Application/registrations costs apply for everyone also $25-$35 depending

Post Bac’s and MFA’s and residencies can cost thousands of dollars— $9,678 for one year of a Post Bac— To join for one class with us is just $250 total for one 10 weeks of class. We allow artists to pay weekly and just for classes attended to keep prices low for artists. We want our classes to be available to everyone accepted!*

*For anyone who absolutely cannot afford to attend weekly classes, we also consider reduced pricing work study for accepted artists based on need. If needed, please explain in the feedback section of your application and email us:  

All classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Other Fall 2019 Offerings

Independent Studies

One-on-one feedback about your art and professional practices

See our Independent Studies page for details.

Art Career Monthly (4 classes total)

Led by Hilary Doyle, Founder of NYC Crit Club with select classes led by Claudia Bitran and/or other guest instructors.

Classes held Sundays 1-4pm the following 4 dates: Sept 15th, Oct 27th, Nov 10th & Dec 1st.

Class cost is $50 per class for 4 classes= $200 total - and this class must be paid for in advance. No refunds or exchanges permitted. All 4 classes must be prepaid to participate. 

Location: Classes will be held at various members studios and gallery spaces across New York City.

Art Career Monthly offers monthly group critiques ideal for artists who can’t attend weekly classes to get feedback on application materials of their choosing. Everyone in this class receives just 1-2 critiques of application materials of their choosing on dates scheduled in advance.

Art Career Monthly is the perfect course for artists who want to realize their professional goals. Using each artist’s artwork and goals as the starting point, artists receive feedback on application materials, websites, speaking, and writing about their work. Each artist focuses on their larger aspirations such as gaining acceptance to residencies, MFA programs, open calls, grants, show or curatorial proposals, and/or improving their artwork. Everyone receives support and feedback from whole group in monthly 3 hour critiques with each artist presenting professional work samples 1-2 times throughout the semester.

Attendance every month on this date is required to present work, but 1 class can be made up by attending a field trip. See below for details. Classes are non refundable and non transferable. Everyone must join in all crits to get feedback and the most out of the class. 

Please only apply for this class if you absolutely cannot afford weekly classes. We encourage most artists to attend the weekly classes. Space is limited for this class and only accepted artists and alum who apply can join the class.

Field Trips and Other Workshops

Field trips and other small class workshops are available to artists who are enrolled in one or more of our other classes each semester on select dates (usually Saturdays or Sundays). If space is available in the classes we sometimes extend them to Alum who are also invited to these trips.

Impact & Outcomes

  • Get the feedback on your work

  • Build community and make lasting friendships

  • Get artists, curators, gallerists, and college teachers from RISD, Rutgers, Hofstra, SVA talking and looking at your work.

  • Take your career to the next level!

  • Many members move on to gain acceptance to many residencies, open calls and Grad School Programs!

  • Recently we have had 4 alum accepted to RISD (3 this year out of 10 are from NYCC), 4 accepted at Hunter, 2 to Purchase college, 1 accepted at Alfred University.

  • For Residencies: Joan Reutershan just went to Vermont Studio Center, Georgina Arroyo and Jasmine Yeh were accepted into the Spruce Residency, Katie Westmoreland and Kate Bae were accepted to Wave Hill for Solo shows, 5 of our alum were invited to go to the Meeting House Air Residency run by member Anitta Trombetta, Kelsey Tynik (isp member) was accepted to Art’s and Letters Residency, and longtime member Mark Zubrovich was accepted to do a Residency and Solo Show with Bunker Projects to name a few!

  • Check out our NYC Crit Club Openings Instagram to see the many group shows with our artists!

More questions? See our FAQ page!

Photo credit above: Anita Trombetta’s studio and paintings. Splash page photo is Joan Reutershan’s studio.

“ NYC Crit Club is an incredible resource for artists in NYC. Everyone involved, from group leaders to members, are dedicated and intelligent artists. NYCC provides a range of opportunities for artists, from crit sessions to artists talks and studio visits and much more, where you can engage with other artists and your work on a deeper level. Hilary and Catherine are dynamic and generous and are continuously growing the program to suit the needs of members, you can draw from many aspects available to find what works for you.”
— NYC Crit Club Member, Summer 2018