NYC Crit Club Membership This Fall

  • Receive feedback and professional advice from a group of artists, instructors, and guest critics.

  • Strengthen your work for applications to residencies, graduate schools, and group shows.

  • Broaden your art community and participate in a DIY studio group show at the end of the fall.

    NYC Crit Club hosts weekly grad-school style group critiques of serious artists work. Our goal is to support and strengthen the work of every artist in the group collectively. Critiques are held at different artist’s studios as well as at galleries and art spaces around the city.  Participating artists take turns hosting and sharing their work in their studios. Members present on a three-week rotation to the group. At the end of the semester, a guest critic joins the course for critiques!

All courses are led by Hilary Doyle or Catherine Haggarty.


Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2018

What's New This Fall?

  • Art Text Tuesdays -- Collaboration via text between artists about your weekly goals
  • Hilary Doyle and Catherine Haggarty will lead half of each course so you can work with both. Painter and filmmaker Claudia Bitran joins us as guest facilitator for several critiques also. 
  • Artist talk with painter Sarah Faux  
  • Final pop-up studio show with opening and final critiques

Become a Member

Weekly Fall Membership*

  • Receive 15-20 minute long critiques from the group every 3 weeks
  • Participation, collaborations, assignments, etc.
  • NEW! An invite to Art Text Teusdays -- a text exchange about weekly goals between members via texts.
  • NEW! A artist talk by Sarah Faux
  • NEW! DIY group show in a studio for the final class
  • A Final Critique with a Guest Critic 

Drop-In Waitlist*

Drop-in’s are added to a weekly schedule they can drop in to anytime to join the discussion. Drop ins may also present work up to 2x for a 5- 10 minute critique at the end of class.  

*At least 10-11 classes are required for members to participate in all the benefits of the class such as final guest critiques, and final show as space is limited.

To apply and/or register to drop in please use our application on the website so we can have you formally reviewed and registered for the class. 

Dates & Times

Fall 2018 Dates & Times for the Weekly Membership
Classes are Held Weekly 7pm - 9:00pm
Enroll on either Mondays (September 17th - Dec 3rd, 2018) OR Wednesdays (Sept 19th - Dec 5th, 2018)

Affordable Pricing for Artists

  • Weekly Membership: $25* via Venmo to reserve your slot each week ($25 application fee. $20 for returning NYC Crit Club members)

  • Drop-ins: (local or out of state) $25 aper class (plus application fee)

  • Independent Studies: $150 per visit plus two email exchanges (plus application fee)

Guest critic classes and Artist talks: $30
Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable 

*For anyone who absolutely cannot afford to attend weekly classes, we will consider reduced pricing or work study based on need. If needed, please explain in the feedback section of your application. 


Critiques are held at different artists studios, galleries and art spaces  on a rotating basis. Transmitter Gallery or Ortega Y Gasset Gallery will host the first class.

What to Bring

BBring 1-2 pieces of your artwork that  you want a crit on. Each week will have assignment options to consider. Also, bring a sketchbook and pen for notes.

Now accepting applications for Weekly Memberships, Independent Studies and Drop-in's:

Final application deadline is September 2nd, 2018.