Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. What is the deadline for applications?

Deadlines for Summer Applications: The MAIN DEADLINE is: May 5th 12 midnight - $25 Application Fee 
LATE DEADLINE: May 6th to May 12th 12 midnight - $35 Application Fee.

Also: Applicants who apply the first week of applications also enter a lottery to win a free class and online promotion of their work!

Q. What is Nyc Crit Club?

Nyc Crit Club hosts weekly grad-school style group critique classes every semester and independent studies of serious artists work. Our goal is to support and strengthen the work of every artist in the group collectively. Summer classes have expanded to also include critiques of writing and professional practice material and more. Critiques are held at different artist’s studios as well as at galleries and art spaces around the city. Participating artists take turns hosting and sharing their work in their studios. Members present on a rotation to the group and via text in pairs.  At the end of the semester, a guest critic joins the course for critiques!


Q. How did Nyc Crit Club start?

Hilary Doyle founded NYC Crit Club classes in it's current form in Summer of 2017.  Doyle was inspired by wanting to build a community and opportunities for her colleagues and past students from Purchase College, Brown University, and Rhode Island School of Design. Crit Club also had an earlier version Doyle started which ran from 2013-2015 which included artists from RISD and Rutgers, VCU such as Katie Bell, Loie Hollowell and Kimo Nelson and many others. Soon after starting NYCC in it’s current form Catherine Haggarty joined in fall 2017 and helped NYCC build more community and classes per week. Recently Claudia Bitran has joined as another class leader. NYCC, now enters it’s third summer with over 90 participants each semester attending 4-5 weekly classes!


Q. Who is eligible for classes? 

This is a critique course for serious visual artists over 21 years of age. Participants currently range in age from 22 to 60 years old. Most participants have received a BFA or MFA's prior to attending the class. It is recommended that applicants have completed at least an undergraduate degree in art or have a body of work equivalent to a degree in art. All participants must be open to the critique process, as that is the foundation of the process. Participants do not require a studio. 


Q. Where are classes held?

Galleries and artist studios mainly. The whole class joins in critique of the 4-5 artists who present at an artist studio each week.


Q. Do you need a studio to participate in NYC Crit Club?

No studio needed! Artists present work at other artists studios in groups each week. Around 40-50% of artists in NYCC have studios. 

Q. Do you need an art degree to participate?

It can help prove seriousness in the application but it is not required.
That said most people in the class do have BFA's or MFA's already. 


Q. Can I drop in?

Drop-in’s are added to a weekly schedule and can drop in to class anytime to join the discussion. Drop-ins may also present work up to 2x for a 5- 10 minute critique at the end of class but cannot participate in midterm or guest critiques. If drop in’s find they want to keep attending more regularly and can make up the missed classes at trips then they can join in guest crits. We encourage drop in’s to attend more than just their own critiques no matter what. 


Q. If I am just dropping in do I still need to apply with $25 application fee?

Yes, this helps us both process and jury your application and register you in a class if accepted or if you are already a past member. 


Q. If I am applying to a few programs such as an ISP and weekly classes this semester do I need to pay again for another application fee?

You just need to send one application fee per semester for us to process all your applications. If you already paid for this semesters application you do not need to pay extra if you want to join other classes.

Q. Does the application fee cover the first classes?

No- The application fee pays for our jurying, processing of applications, operations, website and marketing budget and those accepted must also pay for every class attended. 

Q. Why is there an application fee every semester? Can I have the fee waved?

We run a small school with a very small operation of artists. The application fee covers some of the cost and time it takes for 3 artists to process, jury and register over 100 applications not to mention marketing, website building and logistical costs. For this reason application fee cannot be waved. Thank you for helping keep us afloat!

Q. What if I want to join weekly classes but just cannot afford it right now?

For anyone who absolutely cannot afford to attend weekly classes, we also consider reduced pricing work study for accepted artists based on need. If needed, please explain in the feedback section of your application and also email us bout it: .  

Q. When and how do artists pay for classes if accepted?

After receiving an email each week please register via the online calendar which only members can access.


Q. What are artists judged on in the application?

Artists are judged on their work mainly but also on their CV, and/or artist statements on the websites in their application. Make sure to put your best and most up-to-date work in the website link. It is good to have an up-to-date CV and Artist statement on your website or email them to us to after you apply if not on your site.

Q. What if I do not have a website with images, cv or statement? 

Send us ten images, CV and statement via email to after filling out the rest of the application. 


Q. What if I make time based work or work that is physically too large to bring to a critique physically?

NYCC has certain select weeks we can provide projectors to help those with large or time based work to show on screening days which will be scheduled. On weeks without projectors artists can also present work on laptops or iPads too. 

Q. How is payment accepted for the ISP?

We accept one-time payments of $150 around the time of the studio visit or in five $30 weekly installments to help better serve artists. Please email us if you have any questions at

Q. Can I do just one month of ISP or is it ongoing?

A. Yes you can do either! Let us know. To work with both Catherine and Hilary it is the cost of two ISP's.

Q. What if my studio is far out from NYC?

You are welcome to join and bring work to us if you do not mind traveling from far away however we typically only visit studios within a reasonable distance from others (Manhattan, Brooklyn typically) so that artists can easily make it to classes after work. You can also always present work at other artists studios! If you are too far away to attend you can also always do an ISP with us via facetime. 

Q. What are the outcomes of participating in NYC Crit Club?

NYC Crit Club is partially what artists make it for themselves. Many members build community and grow in thier work through feedback from critiques. Members also participate in shows in studios at the end of many of the classes. Several artists have grown and used NYCC as a spring board for success such as acceptance to residencies, gaining acceptance into MFA programs at RISD, Columbia, Purchase college to name a few. Others have built a portfolio of work towards a solo show. We notice that members who attend multiple semesters/ years build more opportunities through connections made with artists and curators in class. Doyle and Haggarty who both curate have curated many artists based on the merit of their work in NYCC into various exhibitions.

Q. What if I live in another city? 

For those outside of the city we offer Independent Studies with studio visit options via Factime or you may drop-in from out of town if accepted into either program. We also get artists who commute from long distances each week!

Q. What if am a curator, writer or gallerist and am interested in coming in to watch/join in too? 

A. If you are interested in joining us as a voice or observer please email us and we would love to have you join in the conversation: If you are a curator, gallerist, artist and also want to attend the class for feedback on your work you must apply and be accepted to participate. 

Q. How to I join for the field trips and one day workshops across NYC?

Field trips and other small class workshops are available to artists participating in either class a semester throughout the entire summer on select dates (usually Saturdays or Sundays). If you would like to join the list for these classes only you can choose this option in the Art Career intensive form. For Example we have an MFA Q&A Info and Workshop May 11th at 2:30- 4:00 pm with MFA candidate Susan MB Chen on May 11th— Please email us if you would like to apply in time to potentially join for this!

Q. I have a question not listed here or in the about page!

A. You can always email us! —->

Banner Image Credit:  Janel Shultz Studio with work on the left by Mariel Rowling