NYC CRIT Club Guest Critics

Guest Critics are notable artists, curators, college teachers, critics, writers or some combination who are respected in the art world.

Guest Critics help lead critiques and offer a cold read on work on select weekly classes.

Guest Critic Erika Ranee joining in to advise critiques

Guest Critic Erika Ranee joining in to advise critiques


Guest critics 2017-2019:

Sharon Butler: Artist and Art Critic. Founder: Two Coats of Paint.

Lauren Comito: Artist and Advisor.

Judy Glantzman: Artist represented by Betty Cunningham Gallery. Faculty at RISD, Studio School, Purchase, MICA.

David Humphrey: Artist and faculty at Yale and Columbia. Humphrey is represented by the Fredericks Freiser Gallery, New York.

Holly Hughes: Artist and Professor from RISD and Anderson Ranch Residency.

Andrew Prayzner: Artist and Curator/co-director of Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Faculty at Pratt.

Austin Thomas: Artist and faculty at The New School.

Padma Rajendran: Artist and faculty at Purchase College.

Jacob Rhodes: Curator and Director of Field Projects Gallery.

Sara Salamone: Artist/Photographer and Curator of Mrs. Gallery.

Paula Solimano: Curator Cindy Rucker Gallery.

Peter Schenk: Artist and Curator. Schenk is represented by Freight and Volume.

Kimo Nelson: Artist and 2019 Marie Walsh Sharp Fellow

Arthur Peña: Artist, Curator and writer for New American Paintings. Founder of Ware:wolf:haus and One Night Only curatorial project.

Erika Ranee: Artist and faculty at NYU. Juror and member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Solo Show upcoming at Freight and Volume Fall 2019!

Alex Paik: Artist and Curator. Founder of Tiger Strikes Asteriod Gallery.

Zahar Vaks: Artist and Curator with Ortega Y Gassett.

Eric Hibit: Artist and Curator with Ortega Y Gassett.

Eva Mayhabal Davis: Independent Curator, Mayhabal Davis has worked as a curator with Smack Mellon Artist Residency and NYFA.

Eleanor King: Artist, curator and teacher at Purchase College.

Fabienne Lasserre: Artist and faculty at Mica.

Leah Guadagnoli: Artist showing with Asya Geisberg Gallery. Founder and Director of Maple Terrace Residency.

Jen Hitchings: Artist and Curator for Transmitter Gallery.

Claudia Bitran: Artist and faculty at RISD and Pratt.

Katie Bell: Artist and Faculty at Drew University

Carolyn Sickles: Artist and director of engagement at Abrons Art Center.

Field Trips/ Artist Talks 2017-2019

Field Trips: Field Trips are usually artist talks in notable artists studios or solo shows about their work and art career. Sometimes field trips are also material workshops such as paper making classes or trip to Guerra Paint. Artists who are currently in classes and dedicated alum are invited to join in our field trips.

Gina Beavers at MOMA, PS1

Susan M B Chen at the Columbia MFA Studios

David Humphrey

Kathy Bradford

Doron Langberg

Sarah Faux

Sangram Majumdar

Todd Bienvenu

Jennifer Coates

Julie Curtis

Jen Hitchings

Sarah Slappey

Loie Hollowell

Heather Darcy Bhandari at Urban Glass

Robert Nava

Clare Grill

Anna Plesset

Arthur Peña at Spring Break

Kyle Staver

Rachel Grobstein at the Museum of Art and Design