Get one-on-one feedback about your art and professional practices.

Independent Study Program

In our Independent Study Program (ISP) artists receive a studio visit and email exchange with either*:

Catherine Haggarty: Artist, director of Ortega y Gasset, and curator. Director, NYC Crit Club.

Hilary Doyle: Artist, Curator, faculty at RISD and Purchase College. Founder/ Director, NYC Crit Club.

Just $150 per month covers the following each month:

  • A consultation email about your artistic goals and aspirations for the month such as improving and developing your work, professional practices, and life plan as an artist. This can be customized for each artist's plan and project and we will work together to develop a curriculum that best fit your needs.

  • One in-person or video chat studio visit for one hour. This can be a studio visit or a discussion about your work or goals.

  • Follow up email exchange answering questions about career goals such as the following: List of residencies appropriate for you to apply to, relevant readings, grad school advice, professional practices advice, artist statement feedback, questions answered or anything else you might want advice or guidance with.


*If you would like to work with both Catherine and Hilary, this can be arranged in the following ways:

2-visit-ISP: two separate visits costing two separate $150 payments per visit. Let us know who you would like to visit with first: Catherine or Hilary. Visits can be all in one month or two separate months.

Ongoing independent study: for $150 per month alternate each month according to preference and availability.

How to Apply for an Independent Study (ISP)

Step 1. Please review the details on Independent Studies above.

Step 2. Fill out the Application form.

Step 3. Using Venmo, send $25 application fee to @HilaryLDoyle. (Just $20 registration for NY Crit Club members).

Step 4. Email us at with the subject "Independent Study Application." In the email please include the following info: 

  • Do you prefer to do one month, two month, or an ongoing monthly independent study?

  • Who would you like to work with for the ISP (Hilary, Catherine or both*) If both who would you like to work with first ?

*We accept one-time payments of $150 before each visit OR payment in installments (example: 5 payments of $30 per week) to help better serve artists needs.

Please email us if you have any questions at