Take your art career to the next level.

NEW! Summer 2019 offers 2 new Classes!

Deadlines: For lower $25 application fee applications are due by Sunday April 30th midnight. Application cost increases to $35 for later applicants applying before final deadline Sunday May 6th. Apply today!

Theory and Writing Workshop (5 weeks- May 20th- June 17th)

Art Career Intensive (11 weeks -May 27th- August 14th)

Art Career Intensive

Lead by Hilary Doyle (Founder of NYC Crit Club). Select classes lead by Claudia Bitran and Guest Critics

Beginning May 207th - through August 15th

Classes run Weekly for 10 weeks - Classes either Mondays or Wednesdays 7-9pm

Art Career Intensive is the perfect course for anyone wanting to realize new goals for their practice this summer.  Using each participants artwork and goals as the starting point, artists receive feedback on application materials, speaking, writing, images of work and more in order to improve how each artist presents their ideas and work to others. Guest critics will join at the middle and end of the summer to look at work or application materials of each artists choosing. Each artist getโ€™s feedback through group critiques every two weeks and joins for crits of other artists work. Classes will be held at various studios and spaces across New York City. Each artist chooses their own goals to focus on in critiques such as Residencies, MFA Programs, open calls, grants, show or curatorial proposals, and more.

Artists in Art Career intensive work on applying to new programs and open calls, learn how to create their own opportunities, get into more group shows and build community this summer!

To apply to Art Career Intensive (or for members to join) Fill out this Application Form and Pay $25 application fee via venmo: Application for Art Career Intensive.

Apply here to just join Field Trips and one day classes held through out the summer.

Theory & Writing Workshop with Catherine Haggarty

Beginning May 20th - through June 19th

Classes run Weekly for 5 weeks - Classes either Mondays or Wednesdays 7-9pm

Time: 7-9pm

Location: Catherineโ€™s Studio, 232 Third Street, Gowanus

Theory & Writing Workshop with Catherine Haggarty runs 5 weeks in length beginning May 20th and ending on June 19th. This seminar meets once a week and focuses on strengthening artist's dialogue and writing abilities through weekly readings, short videos, group conversations and writing prompts. Artists can choose to participate either monday or wednesday day based on their schedule.

Participating artists will dive into select modern and contemporary artist's work, personal history and their influence on art making today. In addition, weekly art theory and essays readings contextualize conversations and writing prompts given. Class members are asked to review two shows in New York City and share with the class for critique and feedback. Weekly writing prompts and group work will steer the conversation for artists to improve and strengthen their writing and understanding about Art today.

To apply to Theory and Writing Workshop (or for members to join) Fill out this Application Form and Pay $25 application fee via venmo.

To apply for more than one class or to join just for Field trips or Independent Studies Apply here: Application for Theory and Writing Workshop