Artists Dawn Clements, Faith Ringgold, and Judy Glantzman

Artists Dawn Clements, Faith Ringgold, and Judy Glantzman


You are invited to change the place of women artists in history in 5 minutes! Just follow the 3 steps below!

The Dear Museum Project

The Dear Museum Project is a letter writing project that encourages major museums to hold retrospectives that aim for inclusion of important artists of today who are female identifying and who have yet to have a major retrospective.

We are writing to encourage museums to include retrospectives of the following 3 artists:

Dawn Clements -

Faith Ringgold -

Judy Glantzman -

You may add why this is important to you in the letter or send as is! You can also write about each artist individually if you would prefer-- if you do this please change the letter accordingly.

To Participate follow these 3 easy steps————>

STEP 1 . Who to send the letter to (to Copy and Paste into BCC):

Contacts  (Copy and Paste in BCC line):;;;;;

Individual Emails at Museums if you would like to send individually: New Museum:, MoMA: , MoMA PS1:, Brooklyn Museum:, ICA Boston:

Step 2. Subject line (to Copy and Paste):

Retrospective Proposals from The Dear Museum Project

Step 3. Email/ Letter (to Copy and Paste into body of email) and hit send!:

Dear Museum,

We are writing to propose retrospectives for the following 3 artists:

Faith Ringgold -

Judy Glantzman -

Dawn Clements -

The Dear Museum project is encouraging museums to support these critically important artists who are female identifying, with retrospectives. We are reaching out to forward thinking museums and institutions for their consideration. These 3 artists have made incredible work their whole lives yet they have never had a retrospective at a major museum.  Each are deserving of museum support so that their voices and legacy can go down in history.

Artists who identify as female still lack support in the form of retrospectives at major institutions in comparison to men today. Women make up 51% of the population and 70% of the art school populations yet of “590 major exhibitions by nearly 70 institutions in the U.S. from 2007–2013, only 27% were devoted to women artists. (The Art Newspaper)” Many important women artists of today are still not making it into history without inclusion in major museum retrospectives. The important retrospective of Hilma Af Klint at the Guggenheim should be a lesson to give more women artists retrospectives sooner.

Showing work by these 3 great women artists will change the course of history for women in the future. Museums set an example. Be the museum that sets an example of progressive support for women and underrepresented artists. Be the museum for hope, change and progress by supporting these artists. Once museums can dedicate more inclusion of artists who are women, perspectives and the world can begin to change.

We hope you can be the first museum to accept and offer one of these artists a retrospective. Thank you for your consideration of them. Please let us know if you are the first museum to choose to give one of these artists a retrospective here at . Let us know if there is anyone else we should email or if there is anything we can do to help such as fundraising for these artists. There are many of us and we are happy to help!

Contacts for museums to reach these artists to give them retrospectives:,

Our Contact:

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your name


+ The Dear Museum Project

The above is written by Hilary Doyle and the Dear Museum Project. Doyle is Founder of NYC Crit Club and Critic at Rhode Island School of Design and Purchase College.

Thank you students and artists from NYC Crit Club, Purchase College and Rhode Island School of Design and others who are writing emails with us for these artists!